Lady of the Night 

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Given the lack of content here lately, and the nature of this story, I felt it appropriate to take a more unconventional route with this one. Let me know what you think of my artistic achievements. Enjoy.

O Lady of the Night
By Reverend Hughes

We stop at MacDonalds at 3 a.m. for a bite
You came to us from across the road – boy, were you a sight
As you took off your coat, I sat and horror and fright
But your ritualistic late-night dance routine filled me with delight
O how I was wrong, my Lady of the Night!

Shaking, moving, gyrating, dancing and pacing
In the passenger’s seat, my eyes were fixed and gazing
Your crotch-rubbing, ass-smacking moves were so rhythmic and amazing
To what honor do we owe this great presence and its gracing?
O why, Lady of the Night, did you leave my heart racing?

Approaching in the distance was a random passerby
Intimidated by your dance moves, he wouldn’t look you in the eye
I wish I could have heard what you yelled at that random guy
For whatever it was, your words made him run home and cry
O but I could handle your words, Lady of the Night, if you’d only let me try!

As suddenly as the dance started, you began to put on your clothes
It was then I realized you weren’t like any other 300-pound black street-ho
How grateful I am to have been in the presence of your show
You left me with such feelings – feelings I never thought I’d know
O where, Lady of the Night, where o where did you go?

I returned the next week to the place, to that same fateful site
I thought I could recapture that moment, if just for one more night
Your absence was a shock – I couldn’t bring you back, even with all my might
But wherever you are now, please - strip, dance and yell like it’s your birth-right
So goodbye, Godspeed, and farewell, my Lady of the Night!

Creative Commons License


2003 - 2005
Reverend Hughes