Star Wars (on drugs?) 

Before you ask: no, I was not drunk at Star Wars. Believe it or not, the ability to operate a camera is not always intertwined with one's state of sobriety.

But these pictures might make you feel like you're on drugs.

Really, I didn't even take most of these pictures. We had two cameras there. And somehow, all of the pictures ended up being blurry. I don't know why.

Anyhow, here they are:

And your ticket taker for this evening...

Moments before everyone was engulfed in a nuclear furnace.

I'm on the right... dancing or something. I dunno.

Taking precious time out of sitting around and doing nothing to entertain you people. What was I thinking?

Brian's pain hoagie.

This guy wins the award for most Jedi-like. He spent like 10 minutes telling me how he made his Obi Wan lightsaber out of garden hose or something. And I listened.

Fray and I, though, were voted to have the best costumes. Fray went as Anakin and I was, of course, pit-stain Padme.

Yeah, you can't see shit here, but these girls' costumes were more King Arthur than Star Wars. Hell, they were more Martin Lawrence in "Black Knight" than Star Wars. "Looks like the Renaissance Fair costumes are getting double duty," Brian noted.

Insert the obligatory "moustache ride" comment here.

Brian's pain hoagie redux.

I always knew Darth Maul's saber was made for people on ecstasy.

Now wasn't that fun? And now you're all thinking I won't update again for awhile. But take some advice from Brian:


Don't sweat it.

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