Get your ass to Mars! 

arnocorpsOur favorite hero and serial-groper may have been busy for the past two years forcing the girly-men in California to submission, but, as I've shared with you all before, that doesn't mean you can't get your usual fix of the "fantastic adventures" popularized by Arnie.

That's right, ArnoCorps is still around and recently announced that they're working on their first full-length debut album, aptly titled "ArnoCorps." They also say they'll be touring again in March, but seeing as how they only tour in California, I don't think we'll be seeing them anytime soon. But I'd pay top dollar for the opportunity.

But, for those of you not in the know, any similarities between ArnoCorps and Arnie are purely coincidental. This is action-adventure hardcore rock & roll, which, of course, serves as the best medium to share ancient tales of heroes passed down from generation to generation.

But if you were looking for a Kindergarten Cop or Jingle All the Way song, not gonna happen. ArnoCorps says that these ancient tales of lore and mythology are "worthy in many respects," but do not encompass the action-adventure lifestyle that makes up their repertoire.

Holzfeur, the band's Austrian lead singer, did an interview with a Chicago radio station a few months ago, and went out of his way to explain that they are not a tribute band, as well as detalining how he thought his grandmother's boobs were punching bags at the ripe-old age of 4. But for ArnoCorps fans and virgins alike, it's an interview that's definitely worth the download.

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