Norm finds work

After the disasters of "The Norm Show" and "A Minute with Stan Hooper," it's nice to see that someone else in the world still thinks that our hero Norm Macdonald is funny. I'm not sure how this one managed to slip by me, but Comedy Central announced awhile ago that they have a new show in the works starring our hero for 2005.

Ain't It Cool News is reporting that the program will be a Chappelle's Show-style sketch series. Dave and Norm, for those of you keeping track, starred in 2000's mediocre film Screwed. Hopefully Norm will be writing a majority of the content for his show, because his stand up routines are still funny. Remember, the last funny movie Norm was in was the one he co-wrote, Dirty Work.

AICN is also reporting that Adam Carolla will be helming his own talk show in the old Colin Quinn spot after the Daily Show. One can only hope that the show isn't the train wreck that was his guest hosting spot for Craig Kilborn's old Late Late Show, because Adam is another guy who's funnier than people give him credit for.

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