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dolansI'll make this my obligatory photo post, since I've got lots of cool pictures to dump on you, and I'm sure most of you like looking at pictures more than you do reading. And to accompany you through this, I've provided the Dolans on Demand. Enjoy.

So life stopped for awhile. Or maybe it just temporarily started or something. It all depends on how you look at it. Anyhow, just over a week ago, I went to Jacksonville for a cousin's wedding. I'll spare you the hilarious details, and instead just point you to my brother's brilliant retelling of that weekend's events. Then something called Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas came out. And then I had three tests.

But even before all of that, the fun started, which is why I'm here to catch you up.

We'll start with the ingrown toenail, or probably more adequately, the gangrene I managed to contract.

yumlick it up

In case you didn't get a good enough look at it, here's a better shot. Makes a great wallpaper for your computer.


After a few shoeless days and sleepless nights, I decided to earn my honorary degree in self-surgery by using scissors to remove a good portion of my toenail. It was a painful process, but I took comfort in the fact that if I had gone to the doctor's, they would have done the same thing, except charged me for it.

dolansGTA: San Andreas, as most of your probably already know or could have guessed, is amazing. For some reason they decided to go overboard with the use of the F-word in this one. I suppose it fits somewhat well when the point of the game is to kill people, but it did catch me a little off guard when the game kicked off with Samuel L. Jackson cursing at me. I'm sure I'll devote more attention to the game in this very space in the coming days, at least before Halo 2 hits stores in a week.

So I thought you might enjoy some sights from this past weekend's Halloween festivities, as it served as a nice way to get away from a stressful couple of weeks.

"How about a nice cup of shut the fuck up?"

That's about 10 of us dancing around a bucket of dry ice at the Townhole with a live DJ at around 5 in the morning. For some reason, the party never died, and its spirit still rages on to this very day... two days later.

Things even extended to the roof.

Brian and Greg, planning their shots for their first feature-length porn. Their aim: to become the Wachowski brothers of porn... without the sex-changes.

You know it's a good time when an impromptu hockey game breaks out in the hallway.

For those of you ladies (or fellas) wondering what Brian looks like when he's having sex with you... You can still wonder.

So with the help of the Dolans, I attempted to make this as "unscripted" as possible. While the Dolans are available daily, I'm more of a weekly thing here in this humble home. Unfortunately, Ken Dolan does not approve. I apologize to any of you who bothered to read this post which can only be described as a disaster.


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