There will be a hockey season after all (virtually)

I've long said that the G4 acquisition of TechTV will be the death of my beloved TechTV. The "new" Leo-and-Patrick-less Screen Savers is disappointing, at best. The only consistent saving grace of the network is Unscrewed with Martin Sargent. The rest of the network got the axe, leaving the network light on the 'tech' side of things.

So, in a blatant (and easy) ratings ploy, G4TechTV has made an announcement that it will air this season's entire NHL schedule virtually... since the players aren't going to do it themselves. Based on the screenshot they show, it looks like they're going to do it with my much-loved hockey title, ESPN NHL 2K5. Cool.

I can't say I've seen more than one or two episodes of the program "Sweat," but from what I remember, it was just as horrible as the rest of G4's programming.

Regardless, it could be, at best, interesting and midly entertaining, even if I can play the game myself. Knowing G4, it will probably be sloppily produced and have appearances from "celebrities" such as Hal Sparks and Dustin Diamond and force me to change the channel with a feeling of disgust.

I give them credit. It's a mildly original idea. If it generates any buzz amongst hockey and videogame enthusiasts, the ratings might not be half bad. But when the best your network can offer is 8 episodes a day of a high-pitched whiney dude spouting off cheat codes for videogames that you could easily look up online in your own time, I suppose you have nowhere to go but up in your programming schedule.

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