Doom 3

What on Earth could make me wake up at 9am and scuttle all the way down to the mall? Doom 3, of course.

Myself and John arrived just after the mall opened to secure our copies of what is the most anticipated videogame in a long, long time. The dorky guy behind the counter at Babbage's was complaining that he had to work all day, so he wouldn't be able to play until late. Containing my evil laughter was harder than you might imagine.

As he grabbed my pre-ordered copy from a bin, he tore off a receipt that had been taped to the cover of the game. The tape managed to pull off a piece of the packaging on the front... a nice chunk of paper taken right out of the center of the monster's mouth on the cover. Ruined.

What the fuck?

Much to the amusement of the guy behind the counter and my comrade John, I asked for another copy of the game. Shit man, if id is making me pay $55 instead of the regular $50 for this bad boy, I'm going to get that extra five bucks' worth.


So then after rushing home to install, the game wouldn't even load. Wasn't recognizing my graphics card at all. Horrible. After two and a half hours of fussing and uninstalling the game and reinstalling hardware drivers and a whole other load of nonsense, it worked! Game on.

I've got the sucker running at 1024x768 with medium textures, very impressive considering that my graphics card is three years old and this is probably the best-looking PC game I've ever seen. That's what optimizing your system will get you.

So I'm roughly 3 hours into the game now (I'm taking a break to let my eyes breathe) and it's already managed to scare the shit out of me on numerous occasions. We're not talking like "Ooh, look at the scary monster." This is jumping out of your chair and screaming "HOLY SHIT!" when after walking into a room outlined with lit candles and squirming pieces of bloody flesh, you walk over a pentagram in the middle of the room and a shitload of Imps come from God knows where and proceed to make you pee yourself. Since the game is a remake of the original Doom, I can only imagine how crazy it will become when you finally go through the portal and into Hell for the last part of the game.

Time to squeeze in some more Doom 3 before work....

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