Stanley Cup Finals: Game 2

So reverse everything from game 1 (including the score) and you have game 2. Didn't I say that this series would be evenly matched?

Well, you don't get more evenly matched than playing your mirror image. And you don't get more evenly matched than playing identical games.

The Lightning kept the pressure on in the offensive zone, which was key. They kept Iginla's line silent. They made the most of their scoring opportunities. And, most importantly: they capitalized on the power plays.

On a side note: the refs in this game were dickheads. On both ends of the ice, they called bullshit calls against both teams that were 100% unnecessary. This is playoff hockey. It's understood that calls are going to slide at this point in the season. Don't change the game up at the last minute in the Stanley Cup Finals with bullshit calls that wouldn't even be called in the regular season. That's a crock of shit.

Regardless, the Lightning played a damn near perfect game and kept the pressure up for all three periods, which is exactly what they need to do. Fantastic.

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