Stay in Canada, you ignorant prick

To quote an article from Jack Todd of the Montreal Gazette about Game 1 of the Tampa/Montreal NHL playoff series:

This is being generous, but perhaps the Canadiens couldn't get it going in an atmosphere that was more WWE than NHL: Hulk Hogan trying to pump up the crowd before the game, the Hulkster's daughter trying to warble the anthems, a few thousand post-lobotomy cases banging thundersticks (yes, thundersticks - at a playoff hockey game) frantically while barely paying attention to what happened on the ice.

Oh yeah, Sun Belt folks don't know their hockey. After all, if Hulk Hogan was present, it must've been a bunch of rednecks at the game. Well, rednecks and probably some of the legions of old people that live in Florida.

Hey Jack Todd: eat my ass.

He goes on to say:

When it comes to hockey atmosphere, a peewee game in Ile Bizard has more sizzle than the St. Pete Times Forum at playoff time. Trouble is, you don't win a playoff series with atmosphere.

What a prick. Leave it to some pompous ass of a French Canadian prick to insult the Tampa fans. Grow up, this is hockey, it's a sport and it's entertainment.

Mr. Todd himself is quite the outstanding American citizen. He grew up as a Nebraska farm boy and fled north to Canada to dodge the draft during the Vietnam War. He was so proud of his experience running away, he even wrote a book about it.

As for his Canadiens, maybe they are the ones who should stop "barely paying attention to what happened on the ice." Then, maybe the Canadiens will actually win a game in this series.

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