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Of all the comic books to be made into a movie, let alone a successful mainstream movie, I would say that Hellboy is one of the last I could have ever expected after reading. For sure, at least, they would bastardize the comic, right? I mean, X-Men and X2 were great, but they still had to get rid of the goofy outfits to get the damn thing greenlighted.

Well, not only is the movie successful, but even the critics like the damn thing.

Director Guillermo del Toro's work on Blade II was promising, and obviously Hellboy has been del Toro's labor of love, thank the Lord. The work shows, the heart of everyone involved paid off, and Hellboy is one of the best comic book adaptations to ever grace the big screen.

Hellboy remains faithful to the comic and Mike Mignola's trademark style. While Guillermo del Toro is responsible for bringing Hellboy to the big screen, the key ingredient for the film's success is Ron Perlman, who perfectly portrays Hellboy in all of his wisecracking tough-guy glory. The heart of Hellboy really shines through Perlman, even with all the makeup covering him from head to toe.

The story itself is based on the initial full-length Hellboy comic "Seed of Destruction." In fact, the movie kicks off nearly 100% exactly like the comic did, right down to the classic photo with Hellboy and Professor Bruttenholm with the U.S. troops.

The film does not rely solely on "Seed of Destruction" however. Some scenes are borrowed from other short stories within the Hellboy universe, most notably "The Corpse" and a finale ripped straight from "Box Full of Evil." The film also offers more backstory on Hellboy's origin than "Seed of Destruction" did, as well as putting Red in some entirely new situations, all of which fit perfectly into the story. Even the little things were included, such as Hellboy's trademark gun or stacks of pancakes being carted into his room.

Hellboy's not perfect, but it's damn near impossible not to be consumed by the unique and entertaining universe created by Mignola and brought to life by del Toro. The film is pure, unadulterated fun. Fantastic action with a great sense of humor and a lot of heart. Appropriately, that sounds a lot like the comic.

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