Super Fantastic Low-Gravity Fighting Extravaganza: Round 4

Sorry for the delay... but we're back with round four and getting close to the end (Thank God).

Round 3's winner was the closest yet, with Pro Thunderball star Steve Youngblood of the Decatur Fist managing to squeak by with three votes, passing everyone else (who all had two votes).

So, the competition is tight, but will only get tighter once the finalists are all picked.

Once again: vote below the post via comments, and don't read if you don't like poop.

Round 4's fighters are:

1. Mr. T armed with an assortment of gold chains and plenty of foo's to pity

2. Clint Eastwood as Inspector Harry Callahan from Dirty Harry

3. Jack Bauer armed with a towel and a flare gun

4. Mad Max

5. Richard Kiel as Jaws from The Spy Who Loved Me

Get it on.

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