Flame On! Super Fantastic Low-Gravity Fighting Extravaganza: Round 2

Whoa, whoa, ladies and gents, easy on the flame war. I thought that was reserved for Fark and AICN.

Ah, hell, who am I kidding, it's all in good fun.

Round one's winner was clearly Joe Pesci from Casino (apparently now infected with AIDS), armed with a ball point pen. Macho Man finished a distant second, as he always has in life. At least his ex-wife didn't die of a coke overdose at Lex Luger's place. Oh wait.

In response to the need for the original battle royale legends Coach Mike June and Tyler Durden... well, most of the voters this time don't know June, and Tyler Durden (along with Fight Club) has become immensely overrated.

As before, if you're easily offended, stay clear.

Anyhow, same rules as last round... leave your vote below and explain yourself!

Round 2 combatants:

1. Carl Winslow from Die Hard (armed with a .44 magnum and one bullet which, prior to this contest, was reserved for "when the pain got to be too much")

2. Henry Rollins

3. Pope John Paul II circa 1978 (armed with the Popemobile)

4. Rowdy Roddy Piper from They Live (armed with a set of black sunglasses, but he's all out of bubblegum)

5. Arnold from Commando


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