The Return of the King

Now that the trilogy is completed and one of my all-time favorite stories has come to a close in its cinematic form, it is quite bittersweet. Sure, I've seen Peter Jackson's epic undertaking in its conclusion, but unless Jackson decides to do The Hobbit or The Scouring of the Shire, this is the end.


Return of the King is so well done, crafted so beautifully, it's obvious that this movie, this trilogy, is Jackson's labor of love. It's impossible to fully appreciate what Jackson has accomplished without seeing Return of the King. The scope, the potential, and the scale of the story is all finally realized in the conclusion to the story. Jackson, simply put, is a genius.

And this guy directed Bad Taste?

So many things described in the books through words are conveyed by the actions and the emotions of the actors, particuarly Sean Astin. Samwise Gamgee's devotion to his friend Frodo Baggins could not be more evident and, as in the book, Sam is the true hero of Return of the King.

This is not to underscore the job done by Sir Ian McKellen in his portrayal of Gandalf the White.

Hell, this trilogy was just about perfectly cast.

Sure, fanboys may bitch about Saruman's disappearance from the movie (wait for the DVD) or Elrond's visit to Aragorn (never happened), but overlooking the major accomplishment that is this trilogy for such small details would be a crime.

I could go on, but nothing I say can mean anything at this point. You know you're going to see the movie, and if you read the books or enjoyed the first two movies, you're going to love it.

It is indeed a bittersweet moment. But don't worry about that. Enjoy the movie, immerse yourself in the universe of Tolkien, and believe in the Hobbits.

Frodo lives.

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