Best TV of 2003

Every year, I lose more faith in television. Every year, another show comes along to surprise and entertain me.

Such is the nature of TV. As cable TV becomes more edgy and grabs more ratings, broadcast TV will be forced to take more risks.

So lets get into it.

#3: Viva la Bam (MTV)

I, for one, did not think that this show had a snowball's chance in hell of being entertaining, let alone successful. After all, Bam & Crew have done it all with the CKY videos and the Jackass show and movie. Right?

Couldn't have been more wrong. Admittedly, I did not tune in to this show when it first started. I got on the bandwagon pretty late.

Imagine if your parents were cool as hell and you had your own TV show and a ridiculously large budget from MTV with which to play pranks on your parents. Obviously, the show wouldn't work so well if Bam and his friends weren't so off-the-wall, and it obviously wouldn't work if Bam's family wasn't as easy-going as they appear, but this family certainly puts the Osbournes to shame.

#2: 24 (Fox)

Season two ended with Jack snapping necks and sniping, season three started with Jack shooting heroin. Ya know, this show really can do no wrong.

Yes, 24 has become even more overly dramatic and is increasingly becoming more and more over the top every week. That's what makes it so great. The only show on television that actually keeps me guessing and second-guessing myself. One of the most well-done and addictive programs in years is still on a roll and shows no signs of slowing down, well into its third season.

The best television show of 2003: Nip/Tuck (FX)

No doubt that Dr. Christian Troy and Dr. Sean McNamara provided the best entertainment on television in 2003. Unlike anything else on TV and the best show FX has put out since the Shield, Nip/Tuck has the best mix of humor and seriousness when it comes to dealing with prevalent issues in today's society - and not just in medicine.

In its first season, Nip/Tuck pushed the envelope as far as it could without going over the edge, and I salute that. For that, Nip/Tuck is the best show of 2003.

Most Disappointing TV of 2003

And yes, some new TV did disappoint, such as...

A Minute with Stan Hooper (Fox)

Poor Norm...

That's all I have to say about that.

Video Game Awards (Spike)

Hyped and promoted to all hell, and didn't live up to even the lowest of expectations. Anyone who knew nothing about videogames and tuned into the program would have their stereotypes about videogames reinforced, based on the horrible entertainment (except WK), the lame jokes, and the half-naked girls, all done with no seriousness whatsoever.

I'm not saying videogames need to have an awards show with the seriousness of the Oscars, but don't make it seem like a complete joke.

In the end...

I really don't watch much TV, aside from shows that I watch religiously. And the only shows I went out of my way to watch this year were 24, Nip/Tuck, Viva la Bam, FLCL, and the Joe Schmo Show.

There was some good stuff on the tube this year, but TV still sucks pretty bad.

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