Slayer and Deftones shows

Spent the weekend in Orlando for the Slayer and Deftones shows... I'm a bit sore and beat up, but it was well worth it. That's rock n' roll!

Okay, so maybe I'm not rock and roll, but I can still get my ass beat at a hard show, and that's exactly what I did.

Traffic made me especially late to Slayer, so I missed Hatebreed's opening set, but still made it in enough time to watch some guy from Jagermeister chug an entire bottle of the stuff. I guess that's expected on the "Jagermeister Tour."

Wow. Slayer was intense. Damn near two hours of nonstop noise to poison your brain with all sorts of devil worshipping ideas.

They performed all of the album "Reign in Blood," appropriately closing with the last title from that album, "Raining Blood." It's actually really cool to hear a band that's been around for awhile and has a huge, devoted following perform a classic album in its entirety.

But the show was brutally entertaining... filled with all kinds of ridiculous flashing lights and smoke with Slayer playing their heart out and ending the set drenched in sweat.

I learned my lesson and left extra early for the Deftones. The opening band was Denali, a trippy electronica-heavy foursome with a girl with a hell of a set of lungs on vocals. They were decent and certainly served as a stark contrast to the next band, Poison the Well.

This was actually my fourth time seeing Poison the Well. Those guys always put on a hell of a show, and this was no exception. They packed a shitload of energy into a short 8 or 9 song set, and it was still a good opening act that got the crowd moving.

The Deftones took the stage and absolutely tore it up. With an energy-filled 17 song set that offered a little bit from all of their albums, it was a diverse and hard show that got all of Hard Rock Live involved.

The 'Tones mixed it up with some hard, some soft, some old, and some new. Highlights and less-played live tracks included "Mx," "Fireal/Swords," and, off the new album, "When Girls Telephone Boys."

Awesome shows. Awesome weekend. Time to lick my wounds and heal up.

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