Bubba Ho-Tep

Well, the movie technically came out over a year ago, but... better late than never, right?

Bubba Ho-Tep finally made its way to Gainesville, and I couldn't be more pleased. I went last night to check out what all the buzz was about, and also to see our favorite hero in action: Bruce Campbell.

Simply put, Bruce is the man. Any time that any well known person/character is going to appear in a movie, the first choice of many is Bruce Campbell. It's been said he would be perfect in the title role of the upcoming "Superman" flick.. so hell, why not have him play Elvis?

Better yet, why not an aging Elvis that resides in a nursing home?

And even better, make his sidekick an aging African-American man who thinks he's JFK.

And then have them fight an ancient Egyptian mummy.

Now THAT'S a movie.

As a horror flick, Bubba Ho-Tep fails miserably. As a comedy, its an instant classic. Thankfully, the movie doesn't try too hard to be scary. Bruce as Elvis and Ossie Davis as Jack Kennedy are both instantly likeable and hilarious.

Credit has to be given to Campbell and Davis for their portrayal of these iconic figures. The movie keeps from being too campy or cheesy because you actually feel for these elderly, forgotten heroes, no matter how disillusioned they might actually be.

Ironically, hidden within this comic gem is a depressing story of old age. Not so much that it drags down the movie, mind you, but it adds another level of depth that makes this movie all the more enjoyable.

If you get the chance to see this movie, by all means do. Bubba Ho-Tep does not disappoint.

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