You son of a bitch!

bow to your new god

Ladies and gentlemen, by becoming the next governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger proves, yet again, that he is the man.

my hero

Who is your daddy, and what does he do?

As if having tons of movies, billions of dollars, and a series of prank phone calls devoted to you wasn't enough to make your penis twelve feet long, Arnold also has his own band. Therefore, to celebrate our hero's most monumental achievement yet, for your listening pleasure, I present to all of you...


See you at the party, Richter!
greatest. band. ever.

ArnoCorps is a Arnold tribute band, but they never claim any affiliation with Arnold. Rather, their songs (all of which are named after Arnold movies and have quotes from said movies as the lyrics) are "ancient tales of lore and mythology that have been passed down for generations."

In short, it's the perfect soundtrack to listen to when you feel like groping women on movie sets, blowing stuff up, or having orgies backstage at bodybuilding competitions.

Arnold owns you.

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