Well, I got my hands on Halo for PC.

Wow. What a disappointment.

The control is nice, and it's a new experience to play it with a mouse and keyboard. It's fun at first, but the game seems quite a bit easier due to the updated control. Definitely not as challenging as the Xbox copy.

I honestly think the graphics are better on Xbox, since it has all kinds of bump mapping and lighting effects that I'm not seeing on the PC version. A lot of the polygons have harsh edges and are really boxy. Granted, the textures are more crisp on the PC version, but the problem lies in the fact that the game was ported so poorly.

I have a pretty good computer. 2.53GHz Pentium 4, GeForce4 Ti4600, 512 megs of RAMBUS... and I have to run the game at 800x600.

That's entirely unacceptable.

Basically, if you own the Xbox version of Halo, don't buy it for PC. It's the same thing, the only thing it offers is multiplayer online... but technically you can already do that via xbconnect.com, so what's the point?

I got a copy of ESPN NHL Hockey for Xbox, and I'll be reviewing that after extensive online play, but the verdict looks to be good thus far.

Why is Half-Life 2 taking so long to come out? Sigh...

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