Wow. Tonight's episode of Nip/Tuck was probably the best yet. I have to give credit to the writing team, they've crafted quite the clever story that keeps getting better every week.

Things finally came to a head tonight when Dr. Sean McNamara's patient/lover Megan O'Hara can no longer deal with her cancer, and she decides to take destiny into her own hands.

McNamara, who has to pass a board exam to keep his license, is distracted during the test, and ends up having a disturbingly hilarious conversation with the cadaver head he's operating on.

Things get somber and somewhat disturbing as McNamara comforts Megan as she takes a bunch of pills and puts a bag over her head.

The show is great because it brings serious medical issues to the forefront, and presents them in a way that you can understand both sides of the issues. Regardless of your position on assisted suicide or any of the other relevant topics, Nip/Tuck packs a powerful punch.

Sean's wife Annie insists on coming to O'Hara's funeral and, after seeing his demeanor at the ceremony, she realizes he had an affair with her, and confronts him later on.

The show ends in an emotional dialogue between Sean and Annie who both come to terms with their mistakes in their relationship. It's really a powerful way to end the episode, and a fitting end to a very depressing hour of television.

If you didn't catch this one, watch the repeat.

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