24 Returns

So the third season of 24 begins tonight at 9:00 pm.

I'm sure you already knew that since you can't avoid the onslaught of advertising.

ass-kicking commencesThe advertising is overboard, sure, and most people are a little bit late to the 24 bandwagon, but who cares? If TV finally does something good, its nice to see people take notice. Anything is better than a flash-in-the-pan reality show.

Part of me really wanted the first season to be the end of it. The ratings weren't so good and Fox thought about cancelling. I thought the second season would never live up to the first and it would just bring down what made the first season so great.

Now the second season wasn't as good as the first, but it was still great, so I'll eat my words. However, I'm still wary that the third season could lose the intensity of the first two.

i kick assBut one thing they really need to pump up is Jack killing people. In the first season, he threatened to torture someone by putting a towel down their throat and using it to rip out the lining on his stomach. And of course he killed about 40 of Victor Drazen's cronies by crashing into a warehouse with a van. Now that's fucking cool.

In season two, not only did he cut off a child molester's head during interrogation, but he also killed a guy with a flamethrower. Now that's fucking cool.

Hopefully they've got a system down now so that Jack gets as many cool kills in as possible.

Either way, everyone's on the 24 bandwagon now, so enjoy it.

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