So I checked out "The Rundown" starring The Rock and that Stiffler guy from American Pie. This was the first time I had ever seen Rock's acting chops on the big screen (I didn't see Scorpion King and Mummy 2 doesn't count), and I'll say I was pleasantly surprised.

I suppose it shouldn't be a surprise, since he's a master on the mic in the WWF, but regardless, the guy has a great sense of humor and can play the badass angle well.

Anyhow, the flick is standard Hollywood violent action, and it's entertaining enough for your money. Sean William Scott seems like he's trying too hard in some scenes that fall flat, including one "fighting" gag that gets repeated three times in the movie and never really pays off.

Chrisopher Walken is still riding his post-creepy guy turned funny guy wave, and it works well. The writers obviously wrote the role for Walken, who gets his share of time mugging the camera, saying stupid lines like "Don't rock the boat!" and "Don't make waves!" which are absolutely hilarous.

Walken's five minute monologue on how the tooth fairy operates to a bunch of workers who can't speak English is alone worth the price of admission.

Nothing revolutionary, but regardless, it's entertaining. Check it out.

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