Revolutions trailer just hit the 'Net and can be checked out here.

So now... what questions left by Reloaded have been answered by this trailer, and what new questions have arisen?

After a shameless frame-by-frame analysis, the answer for the former is "not many" and quite the opposite for the latter.

Here's what I've managed to pick up from the trailer:
-The giant thing at the beginning that Neo is talking to is the core of the Matrix. Neo is blindfolded and brought there by someone (or something) associated with the Matrix. The Matrix core then jacks Neo into the Matrix, in order to destroy Smith.
-Something's obviously funky with the real world, Neo seems to view it in an orange blur, as opposed to the green of the Matrix. Is the real world another matrix or is Neo just that powerful?
-There's a shot of a ship coming down from the sky, and the sky is clearly blue with no clouds and you can see a sliver of the moon. Thought the sky was scorched...
-Neo obviously still has the power to destroy sentinels in the real world. That power didn't disappear (unlike the ability to destroy code from the first film).
-The Merovingian is obviously more powerful than we are led to believe in Reloaded, seeing as how Trinity and Morpheus are led to believe that he can lead them to Neo.
-A shot appears to show three Smiths killing a program in matrix code... looks like it might be the Oracle.
-Who's the little kid Neo's with in the subway?

So yeah. I'm gonna go clean up my pants.

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