I read about the debacle at the California debate tonight, and it further proves the fact that Arnold really is the man.

To drive home my point, here's my reasoning: Arnold came to America and could barely speak English. He used his huge muscles to get him a movie career. He has a horrible accent, is hard to understand, and can't act for shit, yet he managed to become the highest paid actor in Hollywood.

The man's movie sound clips are used to make prank phone calls. Do you know how big his penis must be? I'd have the biggest penis ever if I had billions of dollars and my voice was recorded and used to create chaos.

vote for me if you want to live

Oh yeah, and Arnold can kick your ass. I don't know about you, but I'm sick of whimpy politicians. At least Bush flew a plane and did coke, but he also passed out from choking on a pretzel. Come on, Bush. That's fucking weak! You don't have to worry about pretzel attacks when it comes to Arnold.

Since Arnold can do no wrong, I'll share one of his greatest but least viewed performances with the masses. For your viewing pleasure: Arnold's Japanese Adventure

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